You need to bleed before you get a job after college

It’s probably be a good time to tell my story of getting a job after college. It’s a very interesting one too, but I’ll save that for a little bit later. I’m not great with stories. Mental note: “Prat, you need to come back here and finish this story.”

But for now, I wanted to publish this out to all the people who are looking for their first job or a job after a significant career change or unemployment: I have never know a person to have gotten the first job they applied to. 

Getting a job after college is hard work. You have to toil and you have to get no’s before you get your first yes. So, get those no’s flowing quickly so you can reach the yes. Of course, there are many jobs that may seem like a fantastic fit to you, or that might seem like you are over-qualified for, but that’s alright. Get a no and move on, always hoping for a yes. It’s really most comparable to dating or picking up a girl/guy from a bar, except for a relationship. Which reminds me, I don’t know anybody who got into a long-term relationship at a bar/club. It’s all about what you’re looking for, and people go to clubs to dance and get laid, not to start relationships. Spend a lot of time understanding what you’re looking for and where/how to find it. Equally important, what the other person values. More to come in a future blog post about how to look for jobs.

Are you looking for a job, or have found one and it didn’t correspond to what I wrote above? Probably not, but let me know below.

Massaging models

Would you want his job?

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2 Responses to You need to bleed before you get a job after college

  1. saket says:

    I agree its hard work, but I would add a whole lot of luck to the mix as well. After graduation I got the “yes” after a few (long and mentally exhausting) months (or a few weeks maybe I should say). I had applied to this job 6 or 7 months before graduation and hadn’t received a word from their end. Suddenly, in mid July (I graduated early June), I receive an email for an interview and a few weeks later I had the job offer! I started work on Aug 1st! Plus this was the only place I interviewed at (besides my own university, which I am not counting as such) during my job search. I am not sure if this was the “first” job I applied to, but was definitely one of the first few. I attribute most of this to good fortune (of course I am qualified etc for job, but getting selected for an interview and being offered the job is one thing.and being qualified is another). 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Saket and I do agree with you. It took several yesses and nos before I got something that I really like and that I could do. It still came from a place and time that I wasn’t expecting. I guess my point was that this is a time to learn perseverance and patience, two skills that I have learnt to value heavily in my own life.

      Also, congratulations on the job again :).

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