The most important lesson I learnt in college – the value of being dependable

This was a post I posted on another blog I started. I really liked what I wrote about being dependable and want to reinforce the same again. It has made a significant impact in my life and I’m convinced that it’s one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt in my life. i had written this post in March 2011. This was fairly close to my gradation – May 2011. I’m copy/pasting what I had written below. 

I feel one of the biggest challenges in life is to understand oneself, and then to be that self. It requires a complex mixture of introspection, understanding others, and continuous evaluation of one’s actions and perceptions. While I am in no way going to claim I have reached the maturity level to even claim I have come close to understanding myself, I have spent some time on it. This self-image has also been evaluated by my girlfriend, who I have been going out with for 3 years now, as a person who has seen in multiple facets of situations.

Generally I try to outline the Ying and the Yang of everything, but I believe its in our image of self that this becomes most unclear, so much so that I don’t even think one must consider personality having two sides. The first aspect of understanding and realizing the self is accepting it, unless one is able to accept it (something I have difficulty doing). For some time I used to call myself a chameleon due to my changing personality with different people. I quickly absorbed the personality of the person in front of me. While this helped me often make the people with me comfortable (I like to believe I wasn’t an annoying mimicking person), I began realizing I was having difficulty keeping my thoughts and ideas separate from the person/people I was around at the moment. I also realized that I was losing reliability, especially when I realized that people saw the discrepancy in my personality in different groups.

Reliability is probably the single most important asset of a person, and I set out to evaluate myself on this factor. These helped me not only stand-up for myself and share my own opinions, but also drove me to be consistent and dependable in other areas. Professor MacLeod, finance professor at OWU and my advisor, frequently complained about my untimely entrance to class. The frustration of not being punctual was further realized when my supervisor at work gave me an excellent review on everything except punctuality. This led me to take every thing I do as a commitment and to fulfill each commitment to the best of my abilities. The change and respect it brought was evident very soon. Most noticeably when my supervisor changed the next year, and I was given a position with more responsibility and trust. Since this supervisor was not aware of my previous problems with punctuality, she saw the side of me which treated each meeting like a commitment and gave punctuality and dependability a priority. I frequently got complemented on my dependability, not only from my direct employer, but also her colleagues who saw that I was always the first person arrive for a meeting, and was never late.

I write this article to show you how important dependability, and the various ways that I increased my dependability. To put it very briefly, I realized my honest-self and developed consistency across different people, and I developed a habit of always being prepared and on time for my meetings/commitments.”

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